This Hotel’s RFID Bracelets Make Social Sharing Easy For Super Lazy Vacationers

by Steve Hall
Well, if sharing your most enjoyable experiences while on vacation weren’t already easy enough with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Israeli hotel U Coral Beach Club Eilat is making it even easier. The project, a partnership between digital ad agency Ecapiltoos and the Fattal Hotels Chain in Israel, centers around an RFID bracelet which all guests receive when they check in.Read the full article

The First Social Hotel in Israel: U Coral Beach Club Eilat The first social hotel in Israel – how does it work? U Coral Beach Club Eilat is the first digital hotel that offers U Share. How does it work? Very simple: receive a digital bracelet at check in, sync it with your Facebook profile on the registry station and that’s it! You can begin to share and enjoy an ultra pampering vacation.