VIDEO: Hyperlocal Media 2.0 — Events and Email?

by Tim Sohn
The sale of AOL’s local media network, Patch, earlier this year marked something of an end to a lot of the optimism that once surrounded hyperlocal media. As local media veteran Jim Brady says, the category entered the “huddle for warmth” phase of its lifecycle. But panelists, in general, struck more optimistic tone at Street Fight Summit last week.Read the full article

Street Fight Summit 2014: Whither the Great Age of Hyperlocal Publishing?

Just three years ago, the media world was full of optimism about the prospects of scaled hyperlocal publishing ventures. But with the fall of AOL’s Patch, and retrenchment in legacy media and elsewhere, hyperlocal publishing has lost a lot of its buzz. But among local media entrepreneurs, hope springs eternal — and a number of projects continue to bet on hyperlocal content. * Felix Salmon, Senior Editor, Fusion (moderator) * Jim Brady, CEO, Billy Penn * Liena Zagare, Publisher, Corner Media * Paul Wright, Director of Local Media, Comcast/Everyblock