VIDEO: No Solicitors Please! How to Sell Services to SMBs

by Tim Sohn
The technology sector has succeeded in many of its recent endeavors. It’s devoured conglomerates and upended industries. But it’s largely fallen flat when when trying to serve small businesses. During a panel at Street Fight Summit last week, GoDaddy’s Rene Reinsberg, Facebook’s SMB director Jonathan Czaja, and Vendasta CEO Brendan King discussed strategies and tactics to cut ...Read the full article

Street Fight Summit 2014: How to Sell Services to SMBs

The number of options for local digital marketing for SMBs is confusing and often overwhelming. How do small (and large) businesses make sense of all? How do they know what’s the best use of their budgets and perhaps more important, their time? How do you even get the attention of these very busy people to even hear your pitch? We’ll talk with three of biggest providers of local digital marketing services to hear how they are able to cut through the clutter and build trust with their customers. * Andrew Shotland, Proprietor, LocalSEOGuide (moderator) * Jonathan Czaja, Director of SMB, Facebook * Rene Reinsberg,GM/VP Product, GoDaddy * Brendan King, ‎CEO, VendAsta