How Meagan Cignoli Became the Queen of Branded Vines

by Camille Padilla Dalmau
How do you go from freelance photographer to the founder of a fast-growing creative agency in less than two years? For Meagan Cignoli, the secret was when she discovered Vine in early 2013. Within a month, she’d find herself as the creative force behind the Lowe’s “Fix in Six” campaign, which provided consumers with bite-sized bits of home improvement advice.Read the full article

Lowes Fix in Six Vines

Lowe’s is the second largest home improvement retailer in the world and they're in the business of providing “how to” tips. When we saw Vine, we saw an opportunity.

In the first campaign of its kind, we used Vine as a way to bring useful home improvement tips to life. Using stop-motion animation techniques, we created over 50 six-second films that were as entertaining as they were useful. We called it "Lowe’s Fix in Six".

The campaign was recognized by the press and users alike for bringing meaning to a platform often associated with trivial curiosities, rather than compelling content. And today, "Lowe’s Fix in Six" is still going strong winning many awards along the way.