The Vlogger – How to Choose the Perfect YouTube collaboration for your brand

by Jodie Harris
Vloggers have been around for a while. Since the rise of the US makeup artist Lauren Luke in 2007, personalities from around the world in all industries have been making a name for themselves. Vlogger of the moment Zoella, who is now one of the faces of YouTube, has over 6 million followers, with an average of 2 million views per clip.Read the full article

10 EPIC YouTubers Magical Mystery Tour #FortuneTraveller

Turkish Airlines have given 10 top YouTubers the opportunity to travel to stunning secret locations around the world and to share their experiences in their own inimitable style. Turkish Airlines believe that every experience that is out of ordinary, teaches people something new and opens new horizons for them. As the airline flying to more countries than any other airline, they invite people to explore the diversities in the world, to become more familiar with what the world generously offers, to seek the unknown and to widen their worlds. #FortuneTraveller The YouTubers involved in this amazing project are: Find out more at: Website: Connect on social media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: