5 Tips For Creating Incredible Branded Videos From Industry Leaders

by Camille Padilla Dalmau
“Everything changed for me, and for us, and probably for everyone in this room when YouTube became a thing.” Those are the words of Wilson Cleveland—the man who’s been called the godfather of the branded web series—speaking at the Contently Summit. Cleveland was referring to his own career as a writer, producer, and marketer, but really, he could have been referring to the world at large.Read the full article

The Webventures of Justin and Alden - A Questionable Quest

http://www.youtube.com/thetridenttv What is the quickest way to fame and riches? Simple, make a web series. Come along as Justin & Alden, script and a years supply of Trident Layers® in hand, begin their epic, 4 mile road trip in search of fame and glory. Join the road trip: http://facebook.com/tridentgum.

Emmanuel Sanders High School Homecoming - First & Long, Sponsored by Nike

This feature was produced in collaboration between SB Nation and Vox Creative and sponsored by Nike. Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders was an AFC champion as a part of the "Young Money Family" trio with Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown in Pittsburgh. Known for his quick hands and even quicker feet, Sanders is a dangerous new cog in Denver's high-powered offense. He's a true professional with a flair for the dramatic that fans everywhere know and love. But where did Sanders find his personality, built his confidence and discover his path to success? Belleville, Texas, that's where. Watch the video and discover for yourself what happens when you take an NFL superstar home to get his troops -- his Belleville "family" --- ready for the famous Friday night lights of Texas football.

Evolution part 9

the white monkeys part.......