Should You Go After Scrapers or Just Don’t Bother?

by Christopher Jan Benitez
Content scrapers refer to marketers who try to pass off existing content as their own on their site. If you have a blog where you publish high-quality posts at a consistent basis for years, there’s a great chance that somebody is scraping your content. How to find content scrapers Image source Copy and paste your blog post on the free plagiarism checker tool on the full article

Can you benefit from content scraped from your site?

Biz from the USA asks: "Is there a way to benefit from content scraped from your site?" This video is part of a "Grab Bag" series in which Matt Cutts, head of Google's webspam team, answers questions from webmasters. We're not currently taking new video questions, so your best bet for getting an answer about webmaster-related search issues is to head to our help forum:

Use Yoast SEO to protect your posts

You can magically put a footer in your RSS feed. Yoast has a couple variables to make your footers really powerful. But you can also put in an unique ID.