How to naturally earn links through PayPal

OK so, a bit of a facetious title but bear with me, I’m click baiting! Getting links is one of the hardest, but most important, aspects of any SEO’s day to day. Although Google are hoping to make their algorithm less reliant on them in the future, they’re still a huge mark of trust for a site and as it stands, without them, Google still struggles to accurately determine site quality.Read the full article

Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?

Google changed the search engine market in the '90s by evaluating a website's backlinks instead of just the content, like others did. Updates like Panda and Penguin show a shift in importance towards content. Will backlinks lose their importance? Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum:!forum/webmasters Want your question to be answered on a video like this? Follow us on Twitter and look for an announcement when we take new questions: More videos: Webmaster Central Blog: Webmaster Central:

SMX Advanced 2014 - Google's Matt Cutts You&A Keynote

Google software engineer Matt Cutts returned to SMX Advanced. As the head of Google's web spam team, Matt's been dealing with webmaster issues for Google since 2000 and is well known to many advanced search marketers from his blog and public speaking. Matt participated in the always popular and engaging "You&A" format keynote, in which he addressed questions from the SMX Advanced audience. For more informations please visit: