The Fundamentals of How Colors Influence Buying Decisions

by Zach Bulygo
Colors play an important conscious and unconscious role in purchasing decisions. If you bought a car, the color of it undoubtedly played into your conscious decision-making. The same goes for house buying and interior decorating. The colors inside your house need to complement each other well and create a certain environment and sense of “warmth”.Read the full article

Virginia Tech: The impact of color on consumer behavior

Rajesh Bagchi, associate professor of marketing in the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech, and co-researcher Amar Cheema from the University of Virginia study how red and blue background colors on websites or on the store walls influence consumers' willingness to buy. Their research looked at the impact of color on three settings: auctions, negotiations, and fixed-price settings, such as retail stores. Read the full story: