How to Stay Visible Online When You’re Having an Adventure Offline

by Denise Wakeman
As a solo or small business owner, it can be difficult to get away from your business. You may feel guilty because generating income is solely your responsibility. Or you worry that people will forget you if you’re not showing up on social networks in your usual way. I get it. I just spent two weeks in India and as a solo business owner, I had to decide if I would just disapp ...Read the full article

Wrangling Your Social Media Marketing with Matthew Holden | Conversations with Experts - Wrangling Your Social Media Marketing In this episode of Conversations with Experts, I welcome Matthew Holden of MavSocial, a social media digital content management and publishing platform. One of the biggest headaches content marketers have is keeping track of activity on every social network: content, images, what's been posted, activity on posts, replies, engagement, etc. Matthew and I are discuss: ► Best practices for social media content management ► Creating and managing social media campaigns ► How to schedule your content for global reach ► Management tools (yes, we're going to talk about the MavSocial tool!) Founder and the entrepreneurial driver of MavSocial, Matthew Holden is the CEO and Chief Product Guru bringing his goal of world-class software to SME and Enterprise businesses. Previously with Oracle Corporation and SAP. Matthew has extensive sales, marketing & development experience. Based San Francisco. Connect with Matthew #MavSocial #DeniseWakeman #ConversationsWithExperts #MatthewHolden #socialmediamangagement #HOA #contentmanagement