Engagement vs Volume: Questioning Facebook and Twitter Traffic

by Ryan Hanley
Subscribe to my channel Engagement vs Volume Are you trading away quality engagement, in exchange for shear volume of website traffic? According to study done by Shareaholic, if your primary source of social media referral traffic is Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest than that might be exactly what you’re doing.Read the full article

Engagement vs Volume: How to Choose Social Media Referral Sources

In this video we discuss the difference between engaged traffic versus volume of traffic from social media referral sources. Using a recent Shareaholic study as the framework for our discussion, we ask the question, "Is quality of traffic more important than volume?" In the study, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn, though traditionally yield lower numbers in volume of social media traffic, produce much higher rates of engaged traffic. Get more content marketing strategy here: http://goo.gl/OLWO1a Link to Shareaholic article: http://goo.gl/AmD8XI