The perils of building a distributed media brand

by Eric Blattberg
Syndication has a lot of benefits, namely giving content creators the ability to reach large audiences quickly. But there’s a catch: It’s a tough way to build a brand. That’s the situation six-year-old Newsy finds itself in. Newsy makes dozens of short, slick news videos every day that reach several million viewers thanks to deals with the likes of Mashable, MSN and Time Inc..Read the full article

How Immigration Reform Could Impact U.S. Labor Market

President Obama's immigration reform could grant as many as 5 million with legal working status, which might ripple across the U.S. labor market. Follow Lauren Gores Ireland: See more at Sources: Business Insider CNN Bloomberg CCTV The White House Al Jazeera CBS The Wall Street Journal Center for American Progress Getty Images Getty Images Forbes The White House Fortune Image via: Getty Images / Jim Bourg

The War & Money Project

For the full interactive experience, watch at The War & Money Project offers a wide-ranging introduction to our world in arms and lets viewers explore it in their own unique way. Providing a half-hour interactive experience along with explainers for key topics, Newsy's latest venture in new media storytelling examines the growth of America's military budget, how U.S. defense spending compares worldwide and how wasteful spending inflates an already huge budget at the Pentagon. Where to begin — and how to watch — is up to you.