Why Ruffles moved its entire ad budget to digital

by John Mcdermott
Many brands talk about being digital-first, but Ruffles lives it. PepsiCo potato chip brand Ruffles went from in 2013 spending nearly two-thirds of its advertising budget on television and 29 percent on digital, to spending nearly 100 percent of it on digital. (A small portion of Ruffle’s budget goes toward its in-store displays.Read the full article

RUFFLES #RoughLife: The Decker Double

Life can be rough. Like when date night is on the same night as the NFL draft. Thankfully, there's Ruffles—and NFL star Eric Decker. Share your #RoughLife stories with @Ruffles on Twitter for a chance to win sweet NFL gear. http://www.twitter.com/Ruffles


Life can get rough. Like when you have to put on your own sunscreen at the beach. That's rough. Thankfully, there's Ruffles. Built for the #RoughLife.