How to Successfully Launch a Podcast | Adventures in Visibility with Jason T. Wiser

by Denise Wakeman
In this episode of Adventures in Visibility, I’m pleased to welcome Jason T. Wiser. Recently Jason launched a podcast to accompany his popular Hangout show, Get on Track, Stay on Track. In order for a podcast to get traction these days, you’ve got to create a lot of buzz so you hit the New and Noteworthy chart in iTunes and get a lot of extra visibility.Read the full article

How to Successfully Launch a Podcast with Jason T. Wiser | How to Successfully Launch a Podcast Jason T. Wiser is my guest on the next Adventure in Visibility. Recently Jason launched a podcast to accompany his popular Hangout show, *Get on Track, Stay on Track.* In order for a podcast to get traction these days, you’ve got to create a lot of buzz so you hit the New and Noteworthy chart in iTunes and get a lot of extra visibility. In this show, we’re going to be discussing what Jason did to launch his podcast, how it worked and what he learned. Jason and I discuss: ➲ Why host a podcast Party (or any contest) ➲ Understand your goals ➲ Why you need to set a clear budget ➲The Process map for a successful launch ➲ Pitfalls and things Jason would do differently next time ➲ Immediate results and long term results of the podcast launch Timestamps: 0:25 Jason Wiser and how he launched his podcast 1:16 Podcasting is HOT! 1:52 Jason's show is based on his HOA show Get on Track, Stay on Track 2:12 Why did Jason decide to repurpose his HOA as a podcast 2:55 Always trying to find best marketing channel for the business 3:06 Uses his company to prove the concept 4:08 Podcasting is a great way to create more content 4:17 Why did Jason re-launch his podcast? 5:08 Shoutout to Ryan Hanley 5:24 What is New and Noteworth, why is it important? 6:04 Why did Jason launch with a podcast party? 6:49 First thing when you do something, ask WHY? 7:33 Wanted to get podcast into New and Noteworthy 7:59 "Velocity of reviews and subscribers plays a huge element to game the sytem" Ryan Hanley 8:29 What are the calls to action? 8:41 Wants to incentivize people to take action 8:59 Your marketing success is determined by your mindset at the outset. 10:18 It's a long term strategy for engagement 10:44 Clear marketing objective 11:02 Party makes it fun! 11:58 Stop trying to game things... you're in it for the long haul 13:20 Go to Google and type in New and Noteworth 13:49 The little fish get to swim with the big fish 13:59 Hit #9 in marketing and management category 14:31 What do you get from New and Noteworthy? 14:45 getting visibility, more exposure to a bigger audience 15:12 Podcast listeners are fierce loyalists 17:31 How to decide on budget and what to give away? 17:58 Wished he had spent at least a month planning before launch 19:21 Did Jason do any paid advertising for the party? 19:34 Pay attention to your landing page! [see link] 20:18 Review of Jason't landing apge 21:42 One call to action - Leave a Review (and the subsequent problems) 22:59 Added a second call to action 23:57 Podcast party needs to last for a few weeks 25:13 Calls to action went out of control - recommends better planning at the outset! 25:59 You need to be able to adapt as the party goes on 26:22 Do you need to refine and redefine your goals 27:07 Question from Tom Collins about how to repurpose HOA to podcast 28:07 Quick outline of steps to grab the mp4 and strip the audio for a podcast 29:12 When you create the mp3, go the extra steps to put it on Soundcloud, Stitcher, etc. 30:01 Does Jason offer the transcript of show? 31:23 What is a bumper? 31:43 What is a process map? 34:03 What worked, what did not work and what was hype? 34:52 The lowdown on prizes 35:38 The SEO value of podcasts 36:43 Do you really need to offer an expensive prize to get people to write reviews? 38:10 Did the launch party meet Jason's objectives? 40:02 Next time, plan ahead and map it out 41:50 Results since the party in August 42:38 What is the ROI of a podcast? 44:07 Jason's most memorable Adventure 45:39 Where to connect with Jason 45:49 Jason's pitch for Social Warfare plugin [aff] Jason Wiser is the host of the weekly podcast, "Get on Track, Stay on Track" helping your small business one expert at a time where he interviews industry leaders like Chris Brogan, Jay Baer, Pam Moore, James Wedmore and many more. He's the founder of Wiser Sites, LLC - a general contracting agency for online marketing and business strategy. Connect with Jason Wiser Sites – On Track Tips – G+ - Watch previous Adventures in Visibility here: Prefer to listen? Subscribe to the Adventures in Visibility Podcast here: If you'd like to be on the email list to get notified about future Adventure Hangouts and when video replays and show notes are posted, go to