KLM Eases Travelers’ Nightmares With #HappyToHelp Twitter Campaign

by Steve Hall
With Thanksgiving travel still fresh in everyone’s minds, this campaign from Dutch airline KLM will resonate thoroughly. During the week of October 13-17, the airline set up a command center at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, where the brand’s #HappyToHelp team scoured social media for those experiencing travel woes – regardless of whether or not they were KLM customers.Read the full article

‘For one week we helped every traveller in need!’ KLM #happytohelp

From a special HQ at Schiphol Plaza in Amsterdam Airport, the #happytohelp team assisted travellers at airports worldwide and via social media. KLM’s innovative help centre was open 24 hours a day and demonstrated the extraordinary lengths the airline goes to for all air travellers. To see everything we did during the #happytohelp week go to klm.com/happytohelp #happytohelp www.klm.com www.facebook.com/KLM www.twitter.com/KLM ------ Transcript: We are proud at our customer service. But you have to fly KLM to experience it. That is why for one week we decided to help out everyone. Even people who don't fly KLM. To do this we set up a special 24/7 a Happy to Help Control Centre at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Where we track down travellers who are in need of help. Of course we found many people with help from our staff all around the world. But most: by constantly scanning Twitter for hunderds of travel related search words. Most problems could be solved in a tweet. But some needed a bit more attention. We had a speedboat taxi ready in the Hudson river to beat New York traffic. A car in Amsterdam to pick up passports. And a motorbike in HongKong to track down forgotten items. We gave Eva a wake-up call for her early flight. Provided a comfy bed for passengers who got stuck at the airport overnight. A speedtour of Amsterdam for people who had a couple of hours delay. Sang a lullaby for Sean who couldn't sleep. A honeymoon transfer to the gate for Tom and Kelly. And got Gill in touch with her boyband Crush to get her through the delay. And much, much more! It's been amazing. We helped out thousands of people, flying other airlines all over the world, with millions following what we did online. So to everyone who doesn't fly KLM, have a safe trip. And to everyone who does: remember: We are always happy to help!