PicMonkey – How to Use Your Own Fonts for Free!

by Carolyn Nicander Mohr
PicMonkey, the free photo editing website, has had a massive, game-changing update that lets you make the most of your images: you can use your own fonts. Your choice of fonts has become instantly unlimited. If you have a font on your computer, you can use it in PicMonkey — for free! If you’re crafting an image for a holiday card or creating a brochure for your company, you ...Read the full article

Access Fonts on Your Computer with PicMonkey!

Learn how to use the "Yours" button in the Text menu to access all the fonts on your computer. If you've got custom fonts you want to use in PicMonkey, or any special fonts you've downloaded, this is going to make you do your happy dance. More fonts = more happy!