3 Steps for Crafting a Crowdfunding Pitch (and Improve Your Marketing)

by Daniel Beulah
The hardest part of getting any endeavor off the ground is to secure funding. Traditionally, in order to gain enough funding for a project, entrepreneurs had to go to banks or find funding through willing investors. Today, entrepreneurs can achieve funding through a variety of ways including friends and family, angel investors or venture capitalists, but none of them are as ...Read the full article

CrowdFunding Video Pitch Formula

Crowdfunding requires that you create a video pitch if you are to be successful in most cases. The strength of your video pitch often determines how likely you are to meet your crowdfunding goal. Simon Dixon and Pete Bailey explain the formula for creating a crowdfunding video that works. Tweet @BankToTheFuture or apply to pitch at http://www.banktothefuture.com