#BlackFriday by the Numbers: How @Kohls Cashed In

by Michael Thomason
Black Friday is a busy time of year for top brands, both in the store, and on social media. We decided to take a look at which brands invested heavily on Twitter this year, and how it paid off. For this analysis, I looked at the Interbrand Retail 50 is an industry standard. Interbrand ranks the most valuable retail brands in the world on an annual basis based on market, bran ...Read the full article

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    forbes.com - 32 readers, 233 Tweets - Wal-Mart’s brand value is waning, as competitors like Amazon have dulled its low-price edge. By contrast, the savvy use of big data to customize shoppers’ wants and needs has catapulted the brand equity of retailers as disparate as Whole Foods and Macy’s. That’s some of what Interbrand’s 2014 Best Retail Brands report [...]