Here’s What You Missed at the Contently Summit (Video)

by Joe Lazauskas
We do something odd with our semi-annual Contently Summit: We don’t advertise it at all. It’s an intimate affair of 200 of the industry’s top content marketing minds, and that’s how we like it. The panels, audience interaction, and networking are all richer—and more honest—as a result. For me, it’s always one of the most illuminating days of the year.Read the full article


Growth is much more than a hack. All publishers want loyal audiences that grow over time, but now that consumers are exposed to so much content, standing out requires a commitment to quality owned media. To get ahead of the curve, brands are following one crucial rule: If you build it, they will come.

Panel Members:

Joe Lazauskas - Contently
Steve Rubel - Edelman
Audrey Gray - Met Life

Moderator: Neil Chase

Contently & Coca-Cola

Featuring Jay Moye of Coca-Cola Journey, and Sam Slaughter of Contently


Featuring Chad Mumm of Vox Media, Wilson Cleveland of Unboxd, and Andrew Greenwood of Genpact


Featuring Stacie Grissom of Barkbox and Adam Aston of The New York Times

Contently Summit 2014 - The Moth


Featuring Steve Sachs of OneSpot and Debra Russeth of HSBC

Content Marketing in 2015

Featuring Sam Slaughter and Joe Coleman of Contently