What I Learned About Content Marketing in 2014

by Jonathan Allen
“Content is King”: it’s message still rings true, but this overused industry aphorism is actually completely useless. As far as advice goes, it’s as good as telling your locked-out neighbour that the keys she lost are in the last place she left them. Similarly, although there are a lot of tools out there to help you track audience engagement with your content after the fact ...Read the full article

The Crisis & Liberation of Information: Eddy Moretti (Future of StoryTelling 2013)

http://www.futureofstorytelling.org Eddy Moretti, Chief Creative Officer at VICE, argues that the past decade has been defined by changes in access to information. He believes the war on terror, climate change, and the economic collapse have led to a crisis of trust in big systems. Over the same period of time, advances in computing hardware, connectivity, and the rise of the Internet led to a spectacular liberation of information. In some ways, this liberation of information is helping to restore our trust in systems, but at the potential cost of personal privacy—which could prove to be our next crisis. A Future of StoryTelling Film. Produced by Melcher Media Find us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/fostorg on Facebook: http://facebook.com/futureofstorytelling on Tumblr: http://futureofstorytelling.tumblr.com and Instagram: http://instagram.com/futureofstorytelling

The Strength of Weak Ties: New animation from Dalton Conley

It is the people with whom we are the least connected who offer us the most opportunities. Latest animation from Dalton Conley's You May Ask Yourself. Learn more at wwnorton.com/soc