Ad creative gives grown-ups a Santa of their own

by Tanya Dua
For a child, Christmas is a time of wonder and joy, embodied most of all in the full-hearted belief in the existence of Santa Claus. But then adulthood strikes, and we all become Scrooges in some small way. One agency creative wants to reawaken the child and the love for Santa in all of us. Leonardo Borges, a senior art director with RPA Advertising, has launched “Grown-up let ...Read the full article

Grown-up Letters to Santa - Santa Claus is back for Grown-ups

This year, Santa Claus is coming back for grown-ups. Take part in this wonderful holiday experience and take the first step to get what you want for Christmas. You can also read other people's letters and help them out whatever way you can – advice, resources, or even support. Grab pen and paper. Santa is waiting!