8 Twitter Tools to Improve Your Sales

Do you use Twitter to sell products? Are you looking for useful Twitter tools to help you sell? In this article I’ll share eight Twitter tools that help you analyze data, gain insights and boost sales. The result: you’ll improve your marketing campaigns and keep your customers coming back for more. Find 8 Twitter tools to improve your sales.Read the full article

Twilert - receive email alerts when someone mentions your brand on Twitter

Twilert is a Twitter Monitoring and Email Alert tool which helps your brand to monitor their online reputation. Twilert allows you to choose a search query - this could be a brandname, hashtag, user or anything else you like. The search can then be filtered using operators such as location, language or user. Each time your search terms are mentioned on Twitter, you receive an email alert in realtime, or in a daily, hourly or weekly summary. This helps you to monitor your online reputation, keep up to date with competitors and generate leads on Twitter.