News Reporting in the Age of Social Media

by Harriet Cummings
Rasha is a video maker whose depiction of war-torn Syria has become a YouTube hit. You may well have seen her satirical videos that comment on life in her city of Aleppo where she’s unable to go to school because of the unfolding destruction. She’s just nine years old. More and more, people like Rasha are sharing information online and – in doing so – are affecting the way th ...Read the full article

Syria's 9 year-old YouTube star

SUBSCRIBE to BBC Trending: Like many children in Syria's conflict, nine-year-old Rasha's life has been changed forever by the civil war. She has witnessed the destruction of her part of Aleppo by shelling, and can no longer attend school because of the danger. But unlike others her age, she has a different life on YouTube. She has become the star of "Umm Abduh", a YouTube series satirising the war which was uploaded during Ramadan, and is now about to be broadcast on TV. Mukul Devichand of #BBCtrending reports. "Umm Abduh" trailer - Video journalist: Greg Brosnan Additional production: Mamdouh Akbiek Like what you see? Follow us here: BBC Trending blog: Twitter: BBC Trending Radio: