Quality Over Quantity: How To Get More Followers That Count

Follower count is a difficult metric to ignore; after all, it’s prominently displayed on every major social network, featured in every analytics summary, and included in every influence score for social media. Social networks enable us to measure everything we do, and aren’t bigger numbers better? They certainly used to be—in the early days of social media, when most of the peo ...Read the full article

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    newyorker.com - 12 readers, 31 Tweets - Last Tuesday, Google decided that I was a spammer, and I lost access to my e-mail for twelve hours. It was my fault. One of my Twitter accounts, RealHumanPraise, was mentioned on “The Colbert Report,” where I work as a writer, at 11:46 P.M. In the course of the next hundred and twenty seconds, it acquired over two thousand followers, triggering ...

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