Turn up the Cheer with Hootsuite’s Cute Holiday Owl

Well, friends, it’s that time of year again. The season where folks who love social embrace the barrage of best-of lists, and whittle away the calendar year tucked into YouTube and Tumblr blogs, among other sources of curated re-capperie. Chances are, your social media strategy is set to “schedule” while you manage instead a different kind of social—the one involving a deluge ...Read the full article

Hootsuite Yule Log Holiday Owl

This year for the holidays we wanted to do our own take on the popular yule log videos. This is Hootsuite's Holiday Owl, 40 minutes of pure, cute, heart-warming Holiday owl perched by a roaring fire. We hope you enjoy. "Snoopy" the Saw-whet owl was provided to us by the O.W.L Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Delta BC. Snoopy is an educational owl who lives at the O.W.L. sanctuary to help educate people about owls and their habitats. When you purchase a Plush Owly from Hootsuite's online store we'll donate the proceeds to the O.W.L. Wildlife Rehabilitation Society. Happy Holidays!