Bustle CEO: Facebook will ‘come crashing down’ for publishers

by John Mcdermott
If digital media is “drunk” on venture capital, then Bryan Goldberg has been overserved. Goldberg announced on Thursday he raised $15.5 million in venture funding for Bustle, the women’s interest site he released to both fanfare and criticism in August 2013. Goldberg — who became rich when he sold his sports blog network Bleacher Report to Turner for $200 million in 2012 — was ...Read the full article

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    valleywag.gawker.com - 22 readers, 508 Tweets - Something beautiful happened yesterday: an otherwise fractious internet was drawn together in harmony, united in mutual contempt for a new website called Bustle. Bustle is the spawn of asinine media mastermind Bryan Goldberg--creator of the dudebro sports-spam boiler room Bleacher Report--who reached new depths explaining his amazing, unpreceden...