5 Days Of Equality Campaign Recognizes Revoked Same-Sex Marriages

by Steve Hall
Working with Razorfish New York, LGBT advocate and news organization GLAAD launched 5 Days of Equality, a social media-style anniversary celebration for 31 same sex couples who were married last year and then had their nuptials pulled out from under them five days later. Last year, the Australian Capital Territory passed a bill that legalized same-sex marriage in that territory.Read the full article

#5DaysofEquality - Show them the world recognizes their marriages

December 7, 2013 was the first day in history that same-sex couples could marry in Australia. But only 5 days later, the Federal Government overturned the law in High Court. 31 couples' marriages were made invalid. Send anniversary wishes using #5DaysofEquality and learn more at http://www.5daysofequality.com/

5 Days of Equality: The Paper Anniversary

31 same-sex couples had their marriages revoked last year. See how we allowed the world to recognize their marriages on their one-year anniversary.