Five Years of SEO: Hummingbird and Knowlegde Graph

by Bas Van Den Beld
Where changes like Panda, Penguin and “not provided” are changes that have the most impact on the ‘back end’ of things, aka the work of an SEO, changes like Hummingbird and Knowledge Graph have much more impact on what we actually see in the front end. And it gives the SEO’s headaches as well. What are they? The reason I’m putting the both in the same article is because the tw ...Read the full article

Hummingbird meets knowledge Graph: A Conversation with Google

Take a look at this ‘conversation’ I had with Google about the Eiffel Tower. First of all, it’s a conversation; they are not search queries on its own. When I search for Eiffel Tower related elements it gives me that information as expected. As soon as I start leaving out the actual name ‘Eiffel Tower’ Google however still understands that my questions are related. This is Hummingbird at it’s best: it has a better understanding of who Google is ‘talking to’. Semantics are key here. It is based on the search behavior of course, but Google is also taking a lot of other things into account, like your social profile and data from the people around you. See the third video below for an example on how ‘personalized’ this can get. The answers come from the Knowledge Graph.

Hummingbird and Knowledge Graph work together: research Obama

Google combines the Hummingbird Update and the Knowledge Graph into a way of working as they said they would: a conversation with an answering machine. Take a look at this video for example which shows how Hummingbird and Knowledge Graph work together very nicely