Five Years of SEO: The impact of Mobile

by Bas Van Den Beld
In all of Google’s changes one thing is a constant: mobile. Google has been pushing for mobile for a very long time. This and the fact that Apple created smart phones makes that we have been telling each other for years that “this year would be the year of mobile”. The fact is: that year has gone by already.Read the full article

Google as your personal assistant: getting to the airport

Look at this video of Google helping me on my way to the airport. This is just the start. With ‘Google Now’, it takes ‘Siri’ to the next level. If we would go to a movie every week, Google would at one point start giving us information, without asking, about the movies that are playing. It shows us the current weather in the location that we are in and that we are traveling to and it will warn us that we have to leave for the airport if we don’t want to miss out flights. I’ve said in presentations before: Google has created ‘Kit’.