The Top 10 AdWords Features of 2014

by Larry Kim
What might Google AdWords have under the tree for good little advertisers this season? There's no telling what new AdWords updates and features we'll see in the coming year, but if this year was any indication, we have a lot to look forward to! Google is constantly running tests and releasing new features in AdWords – hundreds every year, in fact.Read the full article

Google AdWords Editor, Turned Up To 11

AdWords Editor 11.0 represents the biggest update to the application since it was released in 2006. We’ve redesigned it from the ground up, enhancing all the features you know and love, and adding new ones like: pop-out windows, multi-account management, multiple undo and redo, and simple keyboard shortcuts. With a brand new visual design and an interface up to twice as fast, AdWords Editor 11.0 is built to improve your daily workflow so you can do more in less time. Upgrade to AdWords Editor 11.0 today:

Ad customizers

Learn how you can use ad customizers in AdWords to power your ads with real-time updates, count down to events, and dynamically insert product and price details. Learn more:

An Overview of the updated Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is a free, professional-grade HTML5 authoring tool. We launched a completely revamped version of the product in August, 2014. The launch included updated Events, Timeline and Components functionality, as well as improved integrations with other Google products, such as Google Drive, DoubleClick Studio, AdWords and DoubleClick Campaign Manager. This video highlights the capabilities of the updated product. For more information and to download the product, visit