These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Jams

When I was first asked to write this post, the idea was to make a playlist of my favorite Christmas music. I soon realized, however, it would just be Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” 12 times in a row because that’s the only good Christmas song. So that suggestion was quickly tossed out.Read the full article

SNL - I Wish It Was Christmas Today

Kiefer is a pirate

short clip of Kiefer Sutherland tackling a christmas tree from the documentary "i trust you to kill me", shown on Conan O'Brien

DMX - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

DMX's version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," Courtesy of Power 105 in New York City !

Das Racist - Anthony Bourdain Holiday Special

das racist on anthony bourdain! hilarity I DON'T OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO DON'T SUE ME PLEASE I HAVE A FAMILY

Pop Danthology 2014


Daryl Hall & John Oates - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)

Music video by Daryl Hall & John Oates performing I Can't Go For That (No Can Do). (C) 1983 BMG Entertainment

T-Pain: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

T-Pain's fingerprints are all over pop and R&B and hip-hop. He wasn't the first musician to use Auto-Tune as an instrument — he noticed it on a Jennifer Lopez remix, and remembers "Deep" well — but it was, as he says, his style. For a while, in the mid-2000s, he lived at the top of the charts. He dominated that brief moment of our lives when ringtones were a thing. He was celebrated as an innovator, and he happily took his talents where he was invited, which was everywhere. But somewhere along the way, somebody got it twisted. "People felt like I was using it to sound good," says T-Pain, in an interview that will air on All Things Considered. "But I was just using it to sound different.” He just turned 30, but T-Pain has already done enough to drop a greatest hits album next week. We asked him if he'd grace the Tiny Desk without any embellishment or effects to show what's really made his career: his voice, and those songs.--FRANNIE KELLEY SET LIST "Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin')" "Up Down (Do This All Day)" "Drankin' Patna" CREDITS Producers: Frannie Kelley, Maggie Starbard; Editor: Maggie Starbard; Audio Engineer: Kevin Wait; Videographers: Colin Marshall, Maggie Starbard; Production Assistant: Susan Hale Thomas; photo by Maggie Starbard/NPR