Why You Should Connect YouTube & Twitter

by Brian Hawkins
With the frustrations we often have when it comes to social sharing automation, at first glance it may not seem like the best idea to connect your YouTube account with your Twitter account. In this post (and video), Sheryl will explain why it just may be in your best interest to link the two accounts after all.Read the full article

How To and Why Connect Twitter and YouTube

We show you how to connect your Twitter account with your YouTube channel. We also explain why you will want to do this. By connecting your YouTube channel and your Twitter account, you will have a great way to connect with people who like your videos! This also saves you time so you do not have to go to Twitter to send out a new video or video you liked and want to share. Twitter and YouTube connected can help you drive traffic to your videos and the videos you like. Sheryl Loch for Hot Blog Tips http://sherylloch.com http://hotblogtips.com