On Street Fight: Facebook’s Video Pages, Food Tech’s Dilemma

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Facebook Challenges YouTube Channels With New Features For Pages (TechCrunch) With Pages getting quieted down in the feed, Facebook wants to make its home for businesses less like a newspaper that come to you and more like TV channels you turn on.Read the full article

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  • RadioShack’s Problem: So Many Stores, So Few Shoppers’

    wsj.com - 14 readers - RadioShack has shut more stores in the past two months than the rest of the year, though it’s hard to tell the difference. The chain still has a heavy surplus of stores in many local markets.

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    forbes.com - 20 readers, 82 Tweets - This week, California Attorney General Kamala Harris advised her constituents to disable their phones' automatic location identifier. Consumers likely don't know that their phones continuously collect their location data for reasons that have nothing to do with the routing of their calls and e911 requirements. Her advice is to turn [...]