Three marketing books from 2014 that will help you smash it in 2015!

I read a stack of business books this year – some were released through traditional publishing houses while others were self-published for Kindle and usually focused tightly on a particular niche and thus tended to be shorter. But three stuck out in my mind that collectively covered social media and content marketing, leadership, PR, marketing and sales.Read the full article

Spin Sucks, the Book

We live in a world where content farms, Internet spiders, and fake accounts have the potential to ruin one's experience online. It certainly would be easy -- and quite possible to even make some quick money -- by sitting back and gaming the systems. But, just like the Justice League, we prefer to fight evil with good. And that's exactly what Spin Sucks teaches you.

How the social age is transforming your business

Mark Babbitt, COO, and Ted Coine, co-CEO, Switch and Shift share their insights into the ways social is changing how we work by allowing employees to come together and become extraordinary through their networks. Learn more about how IBM can help you become a Social Business at