Why I Read (Plus My 7 Favorite Books for Entrepreneurs From 2014)

by Derek Halpern
I blew her mind. Her eyes widened. “Thank you,” she said. Then she left. Here’s what happened: One day, while standing in line for a cappuccino, and reading a book, a woman walked up to me and said, “What made you start reading as a kid? Young people don’t read. I can’t even get my son to read a book about sports… and he loves to play sports.” I laughed. I read a lot.Read the full article

How to stop procrastinating (use this technique)

Do you have a goal you've spent a bunch of time thinking about but no time acting on? Do you feel like you just can't get started? Well, don't worry because in this video, I reveal a simple technique that I personally use when I have a goal and need to take action. No matter what your goal is -- exercising more, eating healthier, creating a blog, building your freelance business, anything -- this technique can work for you. After you've watched the video, be sure to leave a comment letting me know what action you plan to take TODAY. And if you need help setting up your blog, check out my tutorial here: http://socialtriggers.com/bluehost-wordpress-bloghosting/ Also, if you want to watch more videos about the psychology of human behavior and online marketing, do yourself (and me) a favor and subscribe to my YouTube channel right here: http://bit.ly/WqPFyy And if you want to get even MORE great free content (just like this), make sure you sign up for the Social Triggers mailing list. That's where I share exclusive tips that I never reveal publicly or on YouTube: Sign up here: http://socialtriggers.com/newsletter