6 Battle-Tested Tips to End Email Overload

This post was originally published by HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes on the LinkedIn Influencer blog. Follow Ryan on LinkedIn: It’s a fact. Email is making us slower, less productive and even dumber. The average employee now checks email 36 times an hour, spending a full 13 hours a week reading, deleting, sending and sorting emails.Read the full article

  • Zero Dark Inbox

    newyorker.com - 27 readers, 139 Tweets - I have four e-mails in my inbox right now, but I’m aiming for that number to be zero. Like many practitioners of the “Inbox Zero” system, I treat my inbox like a to-do list, with each e-mail representing a task: complete this assignment, file that banking statement, restart my modem at home for a free Internet speed upgrade from Time Warner Cabl...