Thanks for the Tweets, Hangouts, Pedi Cab Rides and 2014 Memories! @MktgNutz Video Recap

by Pam Moore
Wow, 2014 has been an amazing year in both business and life. It was jam packed with international travel, client events, industry conferences, new clients, new downtown Orlando office, new team members, new #SocialZoomFactor podcast launched, keynote speaking engagements, workshops, new and old relationships rockin’ and the list goes on. There was literally never a dull moment.Read the full article

Social Media Agency Orlando Florida 2014 In Review - Thanks For the Memories & Fun!

Social Media Marketing and Social Business Consulting, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Influencer Marketing Agency Marketing Nutz thanks their clients, friends, team, colleagues for an amazing year! Thank you to each & every one of you who shared the mornings, afternoons, late night tweets, Hangouts, conference calls, keynote presentations, workshops, seminars, pedi cab rides, bus rides, plane rides, boat rides, twitter chats, podcasts, laughs, hugs, tears & everything in between. We could have never done it without you! This is a video highlighting and thanking some of the folks who made our year, life & biz awesome! I don't have pics of all of you but you know who you are even if you aren't in this video! Really looking forward to hitting turbo on the fun and biz factor in 2015! Let's GO! For those of you starting on this journey and are still at chapter 1, page 1, my best advice to you is to surround yourself with people smarter than you. Never lose faith. Never lose hope. Work hard, play hard and pray even harder. Give God the keys and watch Him take your life to turbo faster than you can hit the gas pedal! Love ya' all to the moon & back!