Jeep ‘River In The City’ Stunt Transports Unsuspecting Drivers To Urban Wilderness Wonderland

by Steve Hall
To promote the new Jeep Cherokee in a way that enveloped drivers with a true sense of the vehicle’s capabilities, the brand transformed a city street in Vancouver into a wilderness wonderland complete with a million pounds of rocks and sand, a forest of trees, 400,000 pounds of snow, 250,000 gallons of water to make a river and even two mountain wolves.Read the full article

Jeep Cherokee | Detour | Better View Full-Length

The Jeep Cherokee with Selec-Terrain®. Legendary Jeep brand capability. For any road.

Jeep Cherokee | Detour | River in the City

See how Jeep built a river in the city to demonstrate the legendary Jeep brand capability.

Jeep Cherokee | Detour | Road Construction

Jeep Cherokee | Detour | Driver Interview

See the reaction of two unsuspecting drivers as they experience the on- and off-road capability of the Jeep Cherokee in the most surprising way possible.