How Wikipedia Transitioned to HHVM

by David Cohen
How did Wikipedia complete its transition to HipHop Virtual Machine, Facebook’s open-source PHP runtime? Brett Simmers from the HHVM team and Wikimedia Foundation principal software engineer Ori Livneh detailed the process in respective blog posts. Simmers wrote on the HHVM blog: I spent four weeks in July and August 2014 working at the Wikimedia Foundation office in San Fr ...Read the full article

HHVM in production: what that means for Wikimedia developers

Wikimedia engineers are quickly approaching the point where we are ready to replace our current PHP interpreter with the HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM), which is a complete re-implementation of PHP that will offer much faster execution speeds than our current implementation. We're pleased to have Brett Simmers from the Facebook HHVM team to talk about HHVM generally. We've had talks in the past to discuss why we should move to HHVM; this talk will focus on "how?", such as the things that developers should know about compatibility (e.g. "can I keep using eval in my regular expressions?") or things you can do to make your code more efficient in the brave new HHVM world. You can ask your questions at #wikimedia -dev IRC @ freenode