Online Marketing Techniques Beyond PPC Advertising in 2015

by Andrew Jung
When businesses think of digital marketing, search advertising is usually the first option that comes to mind. Well-known brands such as and Best Buy had over 7 billion impressions online in 2013 alone, so it is little wonder this is the case. With a projected search advertising spend for 2015 that is estimated $25 billion, running search advertising campaigns is sti ...Read the full article

Dyson Air Multiplier fans and a balloon - Official Dyson video

One balloon and a couple of evenings after work - Dyson engineers show how inducement and entrainment works on the Dyson Air Multiplier fan. If you watch closely, the balloon is sucked into the airflow from behind and to the side of the fan; this is inducement and entrainment of the air. Lots of experimentation with different sized balloons and other objects produced this video. And although edited to include our successful attempts, the video is made from completely genuine footage (and no, the balloon isnt attached to anything). #DysonBalloon Disclaimer: This was created and executed by trained Dyson engineers under a controlled environment. Do not attempt to duplicate.