Why BuzzFeed Is Massively Underrated (and 9 Things Publishers and Brands Should Learn From It)

by Shane Snow
When BuzzFeed goes public, I’m buying stock. That’s a curious thing for me to say, because as a friend recently pointed out to me, I’ve been subtly trash-talking BuzzFeed for a while. I should disclose up front that I am a personal fan of founder Jonah Peretti (he generously helped me out when I was a journalism school grad student) and that my company has done and may continu ...Read the full article

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    gizmodo.com - 15 readers, 189 Tweets - Our Facebook News Feeds already runneth over with links promising to surprise and/or reaffirm your faith in any number of entities. But recently, you may have noticed that these Upworthy-esque links have gotten even more mindless. More hollow. More all-around absurd. And no, we're not talking about The Onion's Clickhole. This is PlayBuzz.