Medium goes highbrow with its first original video series

by Eric Blattberg
Like most of the publishing world, platform-publisher hybrid Medium has started to produce original video. But while others chase millennial eyeballs with attention-grabbing click-bait, Medium’s debut video series caters to a decidedly older, more patient crowd. On Tuesday, the publisher-platform hybrid premiered the inaugural episode of “Foreword,” a weekly conversation serie ...Read the full article

B.J. Novak on Taboo Subjects, Bold Moves and Surprise in Comedy | FULL EPISODE

Alongside show runner Greg Daniels, B.J. Novak is widely considered the major creative force behind The Office. He wrote, directed, produced and acted in the series for the better part of a decade before he left the set to write One More Thing and The Book with No Pictures, instant bestsellers both. We spent our evening with him working through the undeniable codependence between humor and darkness and what comedy can do that nothing else can.

Foreword: Writers In Conversation, presented by Medium

In the pilot episode of Foreword, held in Medium's spectacular downtown San Francisco offices, New York Times bestselling author Kelly Corrigan asks America's most beloved science writer Mary Roach Is Knowing More Always Good?