Why You Don’t Get Replies from the Influencers You Contact – IMP#34

A tried and true method of getting more traffic and getting traction for your business is collaboration. Specifically, collaboration with people and companies that are ahead of you in the game – those that have greater reach than you and can give you access to audiences you can’t otherwise reach. This is the basis of guest posting, JV promotions, cross-selling and many other p ...Read the full article

How to Reach Influencers in Your Niche (and Not Get Ignored)

See show notes and the full post here: http://imimpact.com/contacting-influencers/ This is the Impact Marketing Podcast with Shane Melaugh, episode 34. Today, we talk about a very important topic for almost any business: outreach marketing or networking. In this episode, you'll learn about 6 steps you can take to better reach influencers in your market and collaborate with them on your projects, get guest posts published on their sites and grow your own audience.