2015 Guide to Free SEO Training Courses Online

by Chuck Price
My Twitter feed is filled daily with someone or another putting out the word that "We’re Hiring!" It would appear that there is a massive gap in SEO skills vs. SEO jobs available. Perhaps LinkedIn was right when naming SEO/SEM as the fifth "hottest skill" of 2014. If you’re in a big city, the competition is fierce. If you’re in a small town, the talent pool runs shallow.Read the full article

Website Performance Optimization

Learn web performance optimization in Udacity and Google's mini course: https://www.udacity.com/course/ud884

Free User Experience for the Web Course - Overview - Open2Study

SEO MOOC: Class #2: Selecting Keywords for Effective SEO

SEO or "Search Engine Optimization" is the art and science of getting your company, product or service to the top of Google or Bing. (Free class materials at http://jm-seo.org/58). Keywords start the process of keywords because your customers type keywords into the Google search engine. Most companies pay little attention to how their customers search Google, and have even less of an idea about how to prioritize their keywords. Building an organized keyword list, or keyword worksheet, is a fundamental task in effective SEO. Let's get started!

Free Writing for the Web Course - Overview -Open2Study

Introduction to Implementing a Digital Marketing Campaign