Silk Road Trial Becomes Case Study for Law Enforcement Online

The trial of Ross Ulbricht, alleged admin of The Silk Road (a Tor Network marketplace for the sale and trade of illegal goods), is expected to begin in New York today. The public nature of the trial could result in much discussion of the online investigation methods by law enforcement, as well as the nature of anonymity and privacy online.Read the full article

How the Silk Road Trial Will Change Everything

If for no reason other than being part of history, show up. WHERE: 500 Pearl Street, NYC 10007 WHEN: Begins Jan 13th at 9am (estimated to go on for a month, weekdays) WHY: WHAT YOU CAN DO: Bring signs supporting Ross. See ideas here: and here: Be educated incase media interviews you. Show up early. If you need more details, contact us directly via or tweet @BitcoinBelle or myself @bravetheworld We can help you cover food and shelter expenses. It's pretty straightforward guys. Show up. Bring signs. IF YOU CAN'T SHOW UP: Share this video Donate to fund accommodation and food for volunteers: 1HHECneguGU5i6qfDDfxaF7qZoWjQrWMYg If you have a platform, push the issue. Cover the case. Use your imagination. Filmed by @BitcoinBelle Photo by Faisal