What Social Network To Focus On in 2015, By Industry

By now, regardless of industry, your company should probably have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. These profiles serve as reference points that anyone can use to find out valuable information about your business and for customer service. But as more and more businesses turn to social media for other purposes, from sales to hiring, they may need to look beyond Facebook an ...Read the full article

IKEA PS: Instagram Website

IKEA PS is a 34 piece designer collection.
How to tell everyone about the collection with zero media and production budget?

Using basic features of Instagram, we built a collection 'website' inside the app.

— It echoes the main concept of 2014 PS collection ‘Always on the move’.
— It is designed for smartphones which are always at hand.
— It provides great native experience for Instagram users.

Instinct credits

Roman Firainer, Yaroslav Orlov – Creative Directors
Nikolai Fabrika – Digital Creative Director
Timur Abdusheev, Max Demkin – Art Directors
Dmitry Moiseev — Copywriter
Matthew Choudnovski — Strategic Planner
Natalya Ametova — Account Director
Vera Ulitenko — Senior Account Manager
Ksenia Goldberg — Account Manager

How It's Made - Candy Canes

Check my channel for more! All right go to the makers of the show! I don't own this show. All credits go to Discovery! http://science.discovery.com/tv-shows/how-its-made

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