Adopting Google+ Is Easier Than You Think--and Worth It!

Ignore all the "ghost town" and "dying" references to Google+ and stop comparing it to Facebook. Instead look at Google+ as a three-year-old project weaving through the products of some of our favorite—and most powerful—content and visibility platforms in the world. Google+ can help you... • Get credit for your Web presence by connecting your brand page to your website.Read the full article

How to define business results for using Google+ in your marketing - MarketingProfs

Do you need to build a case for your company to include Google+ in its marketing mix? This discussion with MarketingProfs tells you what to focus on and has results to back up their efforts. MarketingProfs is a well-known source for online marketing studies and information. They serve the marketing community through their blog, live events, online educational courses, and membership (free and paid) programs that makes them one of the largest marketing communities online. Having said that, MarketingProfs could not build the case to invest time and effort into Google+, until they brought in Rob Zaleski. Rob sat down with us to explain the pitch and how focusing on the right metrics has created real measurable results. 1:00 Rob tells us how real networking and engagement with brands you love can land you a job! 5:28 What did Rob do to build a case to get involved on Google+? In a nutshell, he focused on identifying the audience by showing the existing # of mentions & shares, compared them (and the engagement) to other marketing companies on Google+. The real takeaway here is that your audience does exist on Google+ (contrary to popular belief), but you have to care enough to find and engage with them. More on that in a bit. 10:00 How does MarketingProfs manage their social workflow? Rob tells us his secrets which include active listening, and looking for opportunities to connect with new followers that you might not be thinking about. Oh, and big shout-outs to Buffer and Oktopost for scheduling content from all their business units. 15:36 Secret sauce for circle management (shameless plug: pick up Stephan's ebook on Managing Your Google+ Circles here and handling notifications. 22:00 What kind of results can you show us? Rob shares his goals and also puts up some pretty awesome before & after charts. Oh, and because everybody loves a comparison to Facebook, there's one in this segment ;) 25:34 A question from long-time listener Carrie-Anne Foster about the biggest challenge for MarketingProfs in gaining traction on Google+? Great question that speaks to having to justify your existence and investment on any marketing channel. You'll love the answer. 28:34 This is the best chart ever about why engagement matters. Calls to action: MarketingProfs - get your free account at and circle them on G+! Ben - watch the Steady Demand page for a new hangout series aimed at helping brand pages on Google+. Also there are improvements to the popular Brand Page Audit Tool coming Stephan - new web series about email marketing at and also keep following the G+ Spotlight page because with all this content we've created, we will be repurposing lots of it.