Chillingo Launches Raids of Glory on iOS

Mobile games publisher Chillingo has announced the launch of Nitro Games’ Raids of Glory on iOS devices. The base-building combat game sees players constructing a stronghold on a tropical island, defending it from pirate armies while creating their own military force capable of defeating computer-controlled camps or other real players.Read the full article

Raids of Glory - Official HD Gameplay Trailer

Raids of Glory by Nitro Games and Chillingo Ltd. Build, raid and conquer! Raids of Glory is an epic action strategy game where you build your own Stronghold, raise a terrifying gang of fearless buccaneers and wreak havoc with your friends! You have direct control of your pirate armies and their Leader as you order them to destroy rival bases and take your place as the most glorious gang in the land. Do you have what it takes to become the king of all pirates? You may restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings. Raids of Glory features: • Intuitive “tap-to-target” touch commands to give you complete strategic control over your armies on the battlefield • Battle with thousands of other players, raid their Strongholds and become the most glorious pirate gang of them all! • Select and upgrade your pirate Leader with unique RPG-like Talents to gain the upper hand in battles! • Stunning 3D graphics and full 360-degree control of your island – also elevation now affects your tactics! • Team up with your friends to form a notorious pirate Gang! • Help out your Gang members by leaving buried treasures in their Strongholds • Take on the evil Reeking Rogues and wipe them out in an epic single player campaign. • Turn your private paradise into an impregnable pirate Stronghold that overflows with Gold and Rum