Podcasting for Business: Why Marketers Are Betting on Podcasts

by Michael Stelzner
Have you considered starting a podcast? Would you like to discover how to use a podcast to grow your business? To explore why marketers are placing big bets on podcasting, I interview Jay Baer and Joe Pulizzi. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner.Read the full article

Jay Today - Why There's No Excuse for a Social Media Crisis

This is the "silver lining" episode of Jay Today and is brought to you by what could have been a travel nightmare. Jay is coming to you today from a hotel in Delaware, where he got stuck overnight due to a cancelled flight. Instead of panicking, Jay used his airline app to re-book the flight, his hotel app to find a nearby hotel, and his Uber app to get there. He was prepared for a crisis. And there's no reason why your company shouldn't be prepared as well. Crises WILL happen whether you're prepared or not. If you don't have a crisis communications plan in place today, it's imperative to work on that immediately. Your future reputation (and customers) will thank you. Today's Sprout Social shout out goes to Corey Perlman (http://twitter.com/coreyperlman), whose new book Social Media Overload is number one in social media on Amazon.com right now. Great work, Corey! You can learn more about the book, which Jay contributed a chapter to, at socialmediaoverload.com.

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