18 Free Tools to Boost your Visual Marketing Efforts

by Bas Van Den Beld
In marketing you have to stand out. And if there is so much competition in text, it is a logical consequence that you want to stand out using visuals. This means that these days “Visual Marketing” is hot. More and more brands try to get in the eye of their audience using images. Images with quotes, images with products on them or just pictures of celebrities in relation to the brands.Read the full article

WordSwag - designer text for your pictures


WordSwag automagically designs text on your photos.

With its exclusive Typomatic™ type engine, you can create beautifully designed text layouts that would normally take hours in just seconds.

Our designers hand-picked the freshest font and layout combinations for you. These aren't templates. WordSwag generates new type designs every time you use it.

It's like having a graphic designer in your pocket!

Video features lovely photos from www.monicawangphotography.com and imagery licensed under Creative Commons http://bit.ly/12px6Zq